Johanna Bracy is an experienced mediator with expertise in reaching agreement under legally or emotionally challenging circumstances. For over 18 years before becoming a mediator, she served as a lawyer, policy advocate and labor-management executive at some of the country’s most respected organizations.

Johanna has worked on both sides of many issues, as a corporate attorney representing regulated industries, as a public interest lawyer, and as a management-side labor relations executive. As an expert in the negotiation and decision-making process, she has seen how communication breakdowns and entrenched positions can thwart commonsense agreement if unchecked. The throughline in her work has been bringing people together to find resolution on the issues that matter most. She has successfully helped to settle hundreds of disputes and has particular expertise in real estate, business and employment disputes. In addition to private mediations, Johanna enjoys putting her dispute resolution skills to use by settling cases to free up court dockets, and also works with nonprofits, schools and parents to resolve conflicts in education, families and the arts.

Attorneys and their clients appreciate working with Johanna for her tenacity, empathy, humor, creative problem-solving and commitment to resolution.

Practice Areas
  • All types of Employment Disputes
  • Business/Contractual
  • Environmental Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Real Estate
Hobbies & Interests

Johanna enjoys live music, hiking, creative writing, travel and languages. She is conversational in Spanish and Portuguese.

Legal Career
  • Full-time Neutral, Judicate West (2024-Present)
  • Mediator, Bracy Mediation (2020-Present)
  • Vice President, CPMCA and ACSMA (construction contractors associations) (2017-2019)
  • Attorney and Policy Advocate, Natural Resources Defense Council (2010-2016)
  • Associate, Davis Polk & Wardwell (2008-2009)
  • Legislative Aide, Sierra Club (2004-2005)
  • Legislative Aide, California State Legislature (2002-2004)
Education & Professional Affiliations
  • J.D., Harvard Law School (2008)
  • B.A., Stanford University (2002)
  • Mediation Training, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution - Pepperdine Law (2020)
  • Pro Bono Mediator, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (2023-Present)
  • Illinois Courts, Mediation Panelist (2021-Present)
  • Mediation Center of the Pacific, Mediator (2021-Present)
  • Superior Court of California, Mediation Panelist (2022-Present)
  • American Bar Association – Dispute Resolution Section, Member
  • California Lawyers Association – Employment Law Section, Member
  • National Bar Association – Dispute Resolution Section – Board Member
Achievements & Awards
  • “Pathways to ADR,” National Bar Association and Garden State Bar Association, Speaker (2024)
  • “Interviewing,” Loyola Law School, Speaker (2023)
  • Advanced Mediation and Advocacy Skills Institute, American Bar Association, Facilitator/Faculty (2023)
  • Mediation Conference, American Bar Association, Speaker (2022)
  • Advanced Mediation and Advocacy Skills Institute, American Bar Association - Facilitator/Faculty (2021)
  • Mediation Conference, American Bar Association, Speaker (2021)
Below is a sampling of the various matters Johanna Bracy, Esq. handled as a practicing attorney or neutral.


  • Claim of fraud against the seller of commercial trucks for fleet. Plaintiff alleged that defendant had altered odometers or provided incomplete documents in the sale of the vehicles.
  • A dispute among filmmakers and the production team regarding revisions of credits and contractual obligations. Case resolved through extensive and substantive mediated negotiations in advance of a scheduled mediation session.


  • Employment racial discrimination case in which employee alleged disparate treatment and retaliation after reporting of discrimination. Plaintiff alleged constructive termination as the reason she ended her employment.
  • Racial and national origin discrimination claim by a former employee who claimed retaliation after she reported discriminatory treatment and was terminated. The claim included a potential attorney’s fee award.
  • Racial discrimination claim by a high-level executive in a high-profile position. The claim included retaliation after the employee began to complain of discrimination. Employee also claimed constructive discharge as the reason for ending her employment.

Religious Discrimination

  • Religious discrimination case regarding employee’s request for Sabbath day that differed from his employer’s, as well as employee requests for days off for family time. Employee claimed retaliation in the form of demotion and eventual termination.

Sexual Harassment

  • Employment sexual harassment, sexual assault and retaliation claim by former employee, alleging hostile work environment and sexual assault/forcible rape by supervisor. Plaintiff alleged that she was harassed and then terminated after she reported the sexual assault to the company.
  • Sexual harassment claim by a former employee who resigned after long-term employment, claiming constructive discharge. The claim included a potential attorney’s fee award.

Wrongful Termination

  • Dismissal of union employee via collective bargaining agreement grievance and dismissal process. Issues included allegations of age discrimination and employee misconduct. Mediation involved further issues of administrative leave, employee benefits, and changed duties.
  • Dispute regarding alleged wrongful termination, former employee misappropriation of proprietary information and abuse of former employer’s social media platforms.

Home Owners Association

  • Claim by HOA against homeowner and tenant over non-conforming structure erected on the property. HOA raised issues of compliance with CC&Rs, variance, recordation of variance, and specific performance.
  • Claim by HOA against owner and tenant over alleged non-conforming use of property. HOA raised issues of compliance with CC&Rs, variance, recordation of variance, and specific performance.
  • Claim by homeowners against HOA, alleging HOA financial mismanagement and tenant harassment; HOA brought cross-claim against tenant. Issues included compliance with CC&Rs, civil harassment and specific performance.


  • Landlord alleged nuisance caused by tenants. Tenants alleged habitability issues, retaliatory and constructive eviction, discrimination, and harassment
  • Mediated hundreds of unlawful detainer matters involving non-payment of rent, nuisance and breach of lease conditions.
  • Mold contamination habitability claim by residential tenant against landlord.
  • A landlord/tenant dispute involving allegations by tenants centered on wrongful eviction. Issues included nonpayment, proof of payment, nuisance, habitability, premises liability/personal injury, and adequacy of notice.
  • Landlord-tenant dispute with claims centering on habitability issues and wrongful eviction. Defenses asserted included refusals by tenants to allow landlord to access the home and abate the habitability problems. Issues addressed in mediation included local tenant protection ordinances and non-payment of rent.
  • A landlord-tenant matter involving tenant plaintiffs asserting discrimination, retaliation, harassment, breached warranty of habitability (broken windows, lock removal, and nonfunctioning heating), and violation of local tenant protection ordinance.
  • Landlord-Tenant matter with claims of discrimination retaliation and breach of warranty of habitability. Tenant alleged extensive water intrusion, leading to mold and subsequent structural damage and illness.

Property Damage

  • Property damage claim stemming from protruding tree roots on neighboring property, causing significant damage to commercial property and personal property; ongoing contentious relationship between neighboring businesses.

Catastrophic Injury

  • Personal injury claim related to shooting in a residential home attack. The shooting resulted in catastrophic bodily harm and the plaintiff claimed emotional distress that exacerbated preexisting mental illness.
  • Personal injury claim related to facial trauma and deformity and traumatic brain injury resulting from automobile accident.

Premises Liability

  • Traumatic brain injury and facial damage from a fall caused by a property defect in a rental home. Plaintiff already suffered from serious illness and disability before the fall.
Ms. Bracy was very prepared and helped us settle a case that I did not think would settle. She was engaging and my client was very pleased with the degree of interaction between us. I would gladly work with her again. I am very grateful that she was able to help us through such a difficult and complicated matter!
- Founder of a Labor and Employment Law Firm in Los Angeles
We worked with Johanna for a difficult premises liability case. She did a masterful job of getting my client to see the risk of trial. She was able to sympathize with my client and really feel the pain, which is SO important, a lot of times clients just want to be heard! I also really appreciated that she did a pre-mediation call with both parties, which is so helpful. She was able to understand the goals of both sides, allowing us to settle the case quickly and efficiently! I highly recommend her.
- Founder of a Personal Injury Firm in Southern California
Johanna Bracy, Esq.
Based in Los Angeles | Available in All of California
Mediation Case Manager: Joselyn Alexander Vasko
Arbitration Case Manager: Heidi Adams