As a trial attorney with 33 years of experience, Amy successfully tried over 45 jury and bench trials in both State and Federal courts in the areas of professional liability, product liability, and catastrophic injury. As a trial lawyer, she earned a reputation as an intelligent, respectful, hardworking colleague and adversary who addressed each case with a practical approach. In turn, she gained the admiration and respect of the legal community. She also had a resolution-oriented, reasonable, and civil approach towards opposing counsel and the neutral when settling her own cases. It is no wonder many lawyers and judges encouraged her to be a mediator, it was clear she was destined to be a neutral.

Amy served as a mentor to budding trial lawyers and for decades held executive positions within several statewide bar groups. Starting in 1997, she served on numerous court mediation panels and programs and trained with court and private certification programs. In 2019, she followed her passion of being a full-time neutral and since has conducted over 700 private mediations and arbitrations in sexual assault, highly charged personal injury, wrongful death, product liability, and professional liability cases. One lawyer said, “Smart, sophisticated, experienced, and tireless. We presented a very challenging case, and Ms. Fisch Solomon went above and beyond to help the parties to secure a settlement. "

Practice Areas
  • All types of Medical Negligence including Elder Abuse
  • All types of Personal Injury
  • Mass Torts
  • Professional Negligence
  • Sexual Assault
Hobbies & Interests

In her spare time, she enjoys wine tasting, hiking, classical ballet and dogs. She previously showed basset hounds at dog shows and confirmed two champions.

Legal Career
  • Neutral, Judicate West (2019-Present)
  • Attorney, Girardi | Keese, specializing in professional liability, products liability, catastrophic injury (1989-2019)
  • MSC Settlement Officer, L.A. County Superior Court CRASH Settlement Program (2017-Present)
  • MSC Settlement Officer, Glendale Superior Court CRASH Settlement Program (1997-2008)
  • MSC Settlement Officer, Santa Monica Superior Court CRASH Settlement Program (1997-2007)
  • Volunteer Panelist, Los Angeles Superior Court ADR Panel (1997-2007)
Education & Professional Affiliations
  • J.D., Loyola Law School, Los Angeles (1987)
  • B.A., California State University Northridge (1984)
  • Pepperdine’s Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, Mediating the Litigated Case
  • Los Angeles Superior Court, ADR Training
  • International Academy of Trial Lawyers, Member (2016-Present)
  • American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA), Associate Member (2003-Present)
  • Los Angeles County Bar Association,Member (2003-Present)
  • Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, Board of Governors (1997-2003); Executive Committee (2003-2008); President (2008)
  • Consumer Attorney of California, Board of Governors (1998-Present)
  • California State Bar Judicial Nominees Evaluation Committee, Commissioner (2014-2017)
Achievements & Awards
  • Lawdragon Magazine, "500 Leading Litigators in America" – 2007-10, 2013-2019)
  • Daily Journal, "Top Women Litigators" – 2002-05, 2007-2019)
  • Los Angeles Magazine, "Southern California Super Lawyers" (2004-2018)
  • Los Angeles Magazine, "Southern California Super Lawyers Top 50 Women" (2007-2018)
  • Inducted into the International Academy of Trial Lawyers (2016)
  • Daily Journal, "Top 25" Personal Injury Lawyers in California (2015)
  • Loyola Law School Civil Justice Program's Champions of Justice Award (2015)
  • Amy Solomon and Robert Fink, “Voir Dire in Auto Cases,” Advocate Magazine (February 2013)
  • Daily Journal, "Top 100" Lawyers (2008, 2009, 2012)
  • Lawdragon Magazine, "The Lawdragon 3000 Leading Lawyers in America" (2006, 2009-2012)
  • Author, “Structural Changes,” Trial Magazine (June 2011)
  • Loyola Law School Distinguished Alumna (2009)
  • Recipient, Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles' "Ted Horn Memorial Award" in Recognition of Service to the Bar (2009)
  • “AV” Rated by Martindale-Hubbell (The highest rating available to a lawyer based on confidential peer review of members of the Bar and the Judiciary for ability and ethical standards.)
  • Named in 'Best Lawyers'
Below is a sampling of the various matters Amy Fisch Solomon, Esq. handled as a practicing attorney or neutral.


  • Plaintiff, an African American teenager shopping with girlfriend at a big box store, claims security guard wrongfully accused him of shoplifting based on surveillance video. Plaintiff believed race-based discrimination. Defendant claimed no racial profiling or civil rights violation.
  • Virtual mediation where the Plaintiff entered into a business contract with Defendants to open a franchise of fast-food restaurants. The contract was poorly drafted without the use of lawyers and created a number of legal issues as time went on and amendments were made. Allegations of Fraud, Misrepresentation, and Conversion were asserted with little factual basis. Defendants were in breach of certain aspects of the deal but alleged tortious breach by Plaintiff.

Breach of Privacy

  • 3 Plaintiffs allege Defendant invaded their privacy by secretly installing cameras in bathrooms where Plaintiffs would shower and change clothes. Numerous photos and videos were taken and it was alleged that at least some were disseminated on the internet. Defendant denies disseminating any images but does not deny taking images.


  • Fee dispute matter between prior and subsequent counsel in an admitted liability case with a dispute over work performed and when a prior lawyer was removed from the case.
  • Prelitigation matter where Plaintiff owns several rental properties managed by Defendant. Plaintiff alleged Defendant failed to honor its responsibilities, allowed the properties to fall into disrepair, failed to manage rent increases, and failed to properly oversee staff who was able to steal money from Plaintiff's account, all causing monetary loss to Plaintiff. Defendant denied all allegations.


  • Plaintiff entered into a joint venture agreement to form a partnership to develop three separate restaurants. Plaintiff was to be the financier and Defendant was to use her vast experience in hospitality/restaurants to manage and operate the businesses. Plaintiff alleges after infusing multi-millions into the joint venture, that Defendant used the funds for personal expenses and allowed rents to go unpaid thereby defaulting on all three businesses.


  • Plaintiff alleges that after over a decade of employment she was terminated for retaliation, age discrimination, and disability discrimination.

Medical Mal Dental

  • Dental malpractice case in which Plaintiff claims Defense performed two simultaneous root canals on Plaintiff; allegedly causing permanent nerve injury

Medical Malpractice

  • Plaintiff was 5 days post-op after hip replacement surgery and returned to ER with urinary retention. Orderly at defendant hospital failed to secure plaintiff's foot in wheelchair causing his operated leg to be pulled out of place which caused a total dislocation of the new hip. An open reduction was required to relocate the joint. However, nerve damage had occurred causing plaintiff to suffer a foot drop.
  • Medical malpractice action involving plaintiff patient in a rehab facility post stroke. Physical therapist, during therapy session, failed to pay close attention to the patient which caused a piece of equipment to strike plaintiff in the eye causing severe injury. Plaintiff underwent 5 surgeries in an attempt to repair the damage.
  • Virtual mediation of a medical malpractice dispute involving a plaintiff who underwent a vaginal hysterectomy and the surgeon left a foreign object in the vaginal vault. The hospital team failed to keep an accurate count of instruments and sponges. 30 days post-surgery, abscess, and infection formed requiring surgical removal. Plaintiff alleged urinary incontinence as a result of a retained foreign body. Defense disputed causation.
  • Plaintiff was a patient of Defendant and alleged sexual relationship. The Defendant doctor denied that such relationship existed. Coverage issues regarding actions alleged.
  • Med mal case where Plaintiff alleges failure to diagnose a tendon rupture in the dominant hand. Delay in diagnosis caused irreparable harm to Plaintiff and permanent disability. Defendant alleges Plaintiff failed to follow up as requested and delay due to own actions. Defendant also alleges Plaintiff has no permanent disability and is able to work full time.
  • Plaintiff went to a medical spa for filler injections to achieve a "non-invasive rhinoplasty." Plaintiff alleges the injections caused an arterial occlusion which caused swelling of her face, eye, and nose, and severe discoloration around her nose and cheeks. Plaintiff underwent multiple hyperbaric treatments to reverse the damage to the tissues but was left with a pronounced scar across the bridge of her nose. Defendant alleged that arterial occlusion is a known risk of the procedure and that Plaintiff was well aware of it having had 2 prior injections and having read and signed the informed consent.
  • Plaintiff went to an acupuncturist who performed cupping on Plaintiff's back. When Defendant left the room, the towel on Plaintiff's back allegedly caught fire causing 2nd-degree burns on Plaintiff's back and upper arm. Defendant denied any negligence and alleged it was a freak accident.
  • The plaintiff alleged that the primary care physician failed to timely diagnose cauda equina syndrome leading to permanent neurological deficits. The defendant doctor alleged he was only the primary care doctor and had sent the plaintiff to a number of specialists over a 20 year period who evaluated the plaintiff's back pain and did not identify cauda equina syndrome.
  • The plaintiff was a patient of defendant chiropractor and alleged that during treatment defendant inappropriately touched them in a sexual manner and was verbally inappropriate. Plaintiff also alleged that defendant altered the medical records to which his staff confirmed in deposition.
  • Mediated a case where the decedent was admitted to the hospital for intractable back pain and weakness in the legs, causing him to repeatedly fall. The decedent fell in the hospital, striking his head and died hours later.

Property Damage

  • Plaintiff homeowner sued adjacent landowner for encroachment and destruction of a wall.

Assault and Battery

  • Bullying incident at a Jr. High School leading to physical altercation and concussion.
  • Plaintiff was an independent car salesman working at a tent sale at Defendant's dealership when another salesman assaulted Plaintiff at work. Plaintiff sustained injuries in the assault.
  • Plaintiff alleges Defendant assaulted him after Plaintiff backed into the rear of Defendants' vehicle. Defendant alleges after Plaintiff hit Defendants' vehicle, Plaintiff attempted to flee the scene prior to exchanging information. Plaintiff sued for bodily injury and emotional distress.
  • Plaintiff is the 2-year-old daughter of decedent, a 28 y.o. single mom who was on a party bus when the driver parked to let passengers off, a group of gang members immediately accosted them and shots were fired killing Plaintiff's mom. Plaintiff alleges driver of bus was negligent in pulling over and parking in a dangerous area. Defendant denies negligent conduct and alleges there was no way to anticipate 3rd party criminal conduct. Defendant further alleges that the bus driver at all times acted with the utmost care and acted quickly under the circumstances.
  • Plaintiff patient alleges hospital nursing staff breached the standard of care in failing to prevent another patient from entering her bed and assaulting her. Defendant hospital denied negligence and alleged all protocols were followed. Defendant perpetrator stated no assault occurred and in a drunken haze erroneously entered the wrong room.
  • The plaintiff employee alleged that he was struck in the head by his employer with employee's cell phone causing a laceration requiring stitches. The defendant alleges that the plaintiff struck himself in the head when he tried to get his phone back from the employer. Issues regarding work comp as an exclusive remedy, punitive damages, and general damages arose.
  • The plaintiff, a young high school student, alleged that she was raped by another student she was dating while attending an afterschool event. The other student denies assault and the school denies that they negligently supervised the event. The plaintiff began psychological treatment and was put on various medications with which she attempted suicide as a result of her depression and anxiety.
  • The plaintiff, a high school student, was raped in a school bathroom by another student after school.

Catastrophic Injury

  • Plaintiff was buying lumber at a big box store when the pin holding lumbar malfunctioned. Plaintiff was struck in the face by lumber fracturing his jaw in several places, requiring surgery. A large scar on Plaintiff's face remains.
  • The plaintiff, a cyclist on a wide road, is hit by an elderly motorist not paying attention. Plaintiff sustains multiple back fractures, and is taken for emergent surgery to restore function to his legs. Plaintiff also sustains deep lacerations to the scalp. Plaintiff is unable to continue the full-time teaching position they held for 25 years. Defendant admits liability, but alleges that Plaintiff is able to continue work, as they have made a great recovery.
  • The plaintiff rear-ended at a high rate of speed on the freeway causing the need for cervical disc replacement surgery and TBI which has rendered the middle-aged plaintiff permanently disabled. The defendant disputes the nature and force of impact and denies any evidence of TBI.
  • Family of decedent roofer sued the property owner for failure to obtain workers comp insurance. Defendant claims decedent held himself out as a licensed contractor and thus was not an employee who would be covered under a policy and Privette would act as a complete bar.

Civil Rights

  • Plaintiff, a minor, was allegedly discriminated against when not allowed to re-enroll in a private pre-school due to a diagnosis of autism. Defendant claimed he was not prevented from re-enrolling but rather, due to his autism he was encouraged to find a better suited environment.

Common Carrier

  • The plaintiff was a rider in an elevator that malfunctioned due to a governor rope defect allegedly caused by negligent inspection and stopped sharply, causing a tibial fracture and closed head injury.

General Negligence

  • Plaintiff, a janitor at a hospital, picked up trash from the floor while cleaning and was pricked in the finger by a needle. Subsequently, Plaintiff developed Hepatitis C.
  • Mortuary employee mishandled remains of plaintiffs' family member. Plaintiffs received the wrong urn and were lied to about it by the employee. Shortly after, the mortuary disclosed the family had been lied to and replaced the wrong urn with the correct one.
  • Plaintiff customer at a consumer electronics store in an open mall was trampled when an active shooting occurred nearby. Plaintiff's dominant arm was fractured requiring ORIF to repair. Plaintiff left with plates and screws, chronic pain, and disability in performing many pre-injury activities. Also alleges PTSD from the event.
  • Plaintiff was walking their dog on a leash when Defendant's dog who was off-leash attacked Plaintiff and their dog. Plaintiff's hand was bitten causing deep laceration and nerve and tendon damage. Defendant alleged the hand has completely healed with no residuals. Plaintiff claimed chronic pain and emotional issues.
  • Plaintiff out walking dog when neighbor's dog darted from house and attacked Plaintiff, biting her in the calf. Plaintiff had stitches which became infected leaving her with neurological damage and CRPS.
  • Plaintiff walking dog in his neighborhood when another neighbor's dog got loose and attacked both Plaintiff and his dog causing injuries to both. Plaintiff had 5 separate bites and his dog sustained several bite injuries as well.
  • The plaintiff, a very young student at a public after-school program alleged sexual molestation by another young student. The defendant claims it never happened, as there is no corroboration of the event from anyone else.
  • The plaintiff was a spectator at an adult league soccer game when the players went out of bounds crashing into Plaintiff, causing severe displaced leg fracture requiring immediate surgery. The plaintiff alleges that the league organizer failed to pay for adequate lighting as well as adequate referees to prevent this incident. The defendant alleges that the plaintiff assumed the risk of injury while standing on the sidelines.
  • A case in which the plaintiff was walking by a 12-story building and was struck in the head by a steel cable and hook dropped by painters working on the roof of the building. The plaintiff sustained a head injury.

Personal Injury

  • Plaintiff, an 86 year old woman, trips and falls on sidewalk while attempting to get on MTA bus. Sidewalk has a 2 inch level discrepancy due to tree roots pulling up sidewalk. Plaintiff trips and fractures nose, strikes head suffering head trauma, abrasions and bruises. Plaintiff also sustained low back injury.
  • Slip and fall at a big box store with claim of torn meniscus.
  • Slip and fall at a box store on some water on the floor. Plaintiff sustained soft tissue injuries.
  • Plaintiff worked for an electrical contractor hired to place high voltage equipment below a street. When he entered the manhole to check on co-worker's progress, he fell more than 15 feet suffering numerous orthopedic injuries. Plaintiff claimed dangerous condition of the ladder - Defendant claimed it was Plaintiff's carelessness that caused the fall.
  • Slip and fall on tomato sauce and broken glass at a big box store causing deep lacerations to Plaintiff's leg, which required stitches.
  • Trip over uneven pavement at a large shopping center causing knee injury leading to arthroscopic surgery.
  • Virtual mediation involving a plaintiff who visited a friend in an old apartment building and fell off a step and fractured shoulder requiring surgery.
  • Virtual mediation of a trip and fall that occurred in plaintiff neighbor's driveway which was alleged to be a dangerous condition due to numerous deep cracks and fissures in the cement. Plaintiff fell on her face fracturing multiple teeth and lacerated her lip and face.
  • Plaintiff went to a spa for a facial and other treatments. Plaintiff alleged that too strong a solution was applied to her face, causing burns and discoloration as well as dry eye syndrome. The defendant denied that any burns were suffered, the plaintiff had an irritated reaction to the solution, and was fine after a few days.
  • Plaintiff sustained 2nd and 3rd degree burns when the propane tank on a fire pit caused a flash fire due to leaking gas, allegedly from a defective or damaged valve on the tank. Plaintiff claimed it should have been noticed at the store where the tank was refilled. Defendant alleges it was user error that caused the gas leak.
  • The plaintiff had hot coffee spilled on her by wait staff at a banquet causing 1st and 2nd-degree burns on her abdomen and thigh.

PI Auto

  • Plaintiffs, driver and passenger, were stopped at an intersection preparing to turn right when defendant, travelling 50mph rear-ended the plaintiffs' car causing soft tissue injuries and TBI resulting in PTSD.
  • A vehicle with 4 passengers was struck by a semi on the freeway causing Plaintiff’s car to collide with sound wall on shoulder. 3 passengers sustained soft tissue injuries and driver had shoulder and knee arthroscopies. Prop 213 issues involved with 2 plaintiffs.
  • Motorcycle v. Auto on 10 freeway. Disputed liability with no witnesses other than plaintiff and defendant. Contusions, abrasions, neck and back injuries.
  • Uninsured motorist action where Claimant rear-ended by driver with minimal policy. Claimant's injuries included lumbar laminectomy and repeat cervical fusion.
  • Plaintiff hit in marked cross walk on green light by automobile turning right. Injuries included head trauma, severe abrasions, cuts and bruises.
  • Semi tractor-trailer hydroplanes on freeway in heavy rain - Plaintiff following behind is unable to avoid collision with semi. Plaintiff and passenger sustain severe head injuries, facial fractures, shoulder surgery.
  • Defendant made an illegal U-turn in front of plaintiff causing collision. Plaintiff sustained neck and back injuries. Treatment consisted of physical therapy, chiropractic and pain management through facet injections in both neck and back.
  • Auto v. cyclist case where defendant driver made left turn in front of cyclist proceeding straight. Impact caused Plaintiff to strike passenger side of car, roll across hood and fall to pavement on drivers' side. Injuries included cuts, abrasions and torn meniscus.
  • Binding arbitration of admitted liability rear-ender case causing soft tissue as well as herniation of a cervical disc in a 48-year-old male.
  • Plaintiff t-boned in intersection by Defendant driver who failed to yield to Plaintiff. Defendant driver was in the course and scope of a type of mobile ride share company. Plaintiff had neck and back injuries which resulted in multi level cervical fusion.
  • Plaintiffs were the driver and 2 passengers of car which had come to a stop on the freeway due to traffic ahead. Defendant, a private bus transport failed to stop his vehicle prior to striking the plaintiffs' car at a high rate of speed, pushing it into the car in front of them. Airbags deployed in plaintiffs' car. The driver had some minor soft tissue injuries. Front passenger suffered a ruptured disk in the lumbar spine as well as soft tissue injuries. The other passenger sustained soft tissue injuries and diagnosed with a concussion.
  • Defendant makes a left turn in front of plaintiff's vehicle, failing to yield right of way. Plaintiff sustained injuries to knee, neck, shoulder and burns from air bag deployment. Plaintiff had knee surgery due to injury sustained - Defendant claimed knee injured prior to date of accident.
  • Plaintiff was rearended on an interstate highway after coming to a stop due to heavy traffic ahead when suddenly rearended by Defendant which pushed Plaintiff into car in front. Plaintiff's airbag deployed fracturing Plaintiff's sternum.
  • Plaintiff was involved in a 5 car chain reaction rear ender. Defendant was last car who struck Plaintiff which pushed Plaintiff into car in front. Plaintiff sustained fractured sternum, neck and back strains, contusions bilateral lower extremities. Unable to work for 4 months.
  • Plaintiff proceeded straight through an intersection when Defendant turned left in front of Plaintiff causing neck, back, shoulder and knee injuries requiring diskectomy, physical therapy, PCP injections.
  • Plaintiff a driver for a ride share company was struck by an uninsured motorist - Plaintiff sustained cervical, lumbar injuries and large contusions resulting in 2 lumbar fusions and an impending cervical fusion.
  • Defendant, a rideshare driver, made an unsafe left turn in front of Plaintiff causing Plaintiff's truck to t-bone Defendant's vehicle. Plaintiff sustained neck, shoulder, back and knee injuries.
  • Plaintiff had right of way through a stop sign intersection, Defendant T-boned Plaintiff in said intersection as Defendant attempted a left turn. Plaintiff claimed injuries to neck, back, right foot and head.
  • Plaintiff was a motorcyclist who was struck on the freeway by a rideshare driver causing hand and foot fractures; resulting in low back injury.
  • Plaintiff, elderly man, was in a crosswalk when he was struck by an elderly driver who failed to see and yield to pedestrian. Injuries included multiple broken bones and head injury.
  • Plaintiff was involved in a head-on collision with a driver using a ride-hailing platform. Plaintiff sustained neck and back injuries.
  • Uninsured motorist case where Plaintiff was a passenger in a vehicle that was struck head-on by a hit and run driver. Plaintiff's injuries included soft-tissue as well as tinnitus from the impact of the airbags.
  • Plaintiff was stopped at a red light. Defense was also stopped at the light in a semi-tractor with a trailer to Plaintiff's left. Defense then decided to turn right in front of Plaintiff, causing the trailer to sideswipe Plaintiff, crushing the driver's side of the vehicle. Plaintiff claims Defense hit and ran causing him to pursue Defense for 100 miles. Plaintiff sustained neck back and shoulder injury leading to ESIs and shoulder surgery.
  • Plaintiff was involved in a side-impact crash while in a 4-way intersection when the Defendant ran the stop sign. Plaintiff sustained neck, lower back, and shoulder injuries requiring a cervical fusion and shoulder debridement as well as a number of injections.
  • Virtual mediation where the Defendant caused a major auto accident causing one death, one plaintiff with a head injury, and two plaintiffs with soft tissue damage. Defendant had a $50,000 policy and no assets.
  • Virtual mediation where the Plaintiff pedestrian claimed they were crossing the street in an unmarked crosswalk. Defendant contends the Plaintiff was jaywalking. Plaintiff was struck by a truck that crossed over the center dividing line. Plaintiff sustained knee and back injuries requiring surgery and suffered fractures to ribs, scapulae.
  • Virtual mediation involving 2 separately represented plaintiffs who were injured in a multi-car freeway accident with serious damage to vehicles and injuries suffered. Workers' Compensation carrier had a separate action for recoupment of benefits paid to the injured employee.
  • Virtual mediation of a case where the plaintiff summoned a ride, hailing a car, and while getting in the driver rolled up the passenger window trapping plaintiff's little finger causing a displaced fracture. Surgery to repair the finger then led to a serious infection requiring amputation of the finger.
  • Virtual mediation of a claimant in a UM case who was hailing a driver, when they were rear-ended by a hit and run driver causing claimant's car to crash into the curb. Claimant alleges neck, back, knee, TBI, injuries, as well as lost earnings, and earning capacity, and psychological injuries.
  • Virtual mediation involving plaintiff driver and passenger who were t-boned in an intersection by the defendant who ran a red light. The passenger sustained displaced rib fracture and soft tissue injuries. Driver sustained hearing loss from airbag deployment. Defense alleged hearing loss was not related to this accident.
  • Virtual mediation involving a passenger who was t-boned in an intersection when the defendant ran a red light. Plaintiff sustained 5 rib fractures and shoulder pain.
  • Plaintiff stopped at intersection waiting to make a right turn. Defendant, a Semi-truck driver in adjacent lane, starts making a right turn impacting the driver's side of Plaintiff's car. Plaintiff claimed neck and back injuries requiring chiropractic, epidurals, pain management and potential future surgery. Defendant claims low impact that produced soft tissue injuries at best
  • Plaintiff was t-boned in an intersection by driver who failed to yield. Plaintiff, a personal trainer, yoga instructor underwent cervical disc replacement. Alleged no longer able to teach due to her injuries. Defendant alleges she is still able to teach and has been doing so since the accident but her schedule is reduced due to COVID issues.
  • Plaintiff pedestrian hit in crosswalk on green light by truck turning left into crosswalk. Plaintiff sustained comminuted fracture of non-dominant arm requiring ORIF of affected limb and 5 days in hospital.
  • Plaintiff was a passenger in a rideshare vehicle - disputed liability as to whether Plaintiff's driver ran a red light or another defendant did and t-boned the vehicle Plaintiff was in. Plaintiff claimed neck, back, and arm injuries received several injections and now claims a need for neck fusion. Defendant 1 claimed a soft tissue case with injections and no evidence of surgical necessity. Defendant 2 claimed no liability and in fact made claim against Defendant 1.
  • Plaintiff cyclist was cut off by a truck turning right into the driveway. Plaintiff sustained back, hip, groin, foot injuries, and was treated for PTSD. Defendant alleged Plaintiff was at fault for speeding.
  • Plaintiff was side-swiped by an 18-wheeler at slow speed on the freeway where there was construction going on. Plaintiff had 3 level cervical fusions and alleged CRPS. Defendant claimed that very low impact could not cause the need for fusion and the procedure was not medically warranted.
  • A multiple car pile-up on a major freeway involving thick fog. Multiple injuries and disputes as to liability and apportionment. Injury claims made ranging from multiple spine surgeries, fractured ribs, sternum, hip, torn ACL, and surgical repair.
  • Plaintiff was rear-ended on the freeway and sustained neck and back injuries requiring neck surgery and potential lumbar surgery.
  • Plaintiff was a disabled former police officer who was being transported via medical transport company when a medical van rear-ended the car in front. Minor impact and Plaintiff was restrained in his wheelchair. Plaintiff claimed exacerbation of pre-existing spinal injuries for which he had over a dozen surgeries.
  • Plaintiff was driving along a 4-lane divided street when Defendant backed out of a driveway in the path of Plaintiff's vehicle. The collision resulted in spine injury superimposed on pre-existing and recently treated spine issues. Defendant disputed causation of injuries.
  • Plaintiff was a passenger in a ride share vehicle. While being dropped off at the destination, the driver failed to allow Plaintiff to get entirely out of the vehicle which then rolled onto her right ankle and foot. Additional damage done to knee and hip requiring surgery.
  • Plaintiff was rear-ended on the freeway by a fully loaded semi-tractor/trailer causing spine injuries resulting in need of lumbar surgery.
  • Trucking accident involving a number of vehicles including a fully loaded tanker truck speeding on the I-5 during heavy fog and very low visibility. Plaintiff's vehicle was rear-ended by a tanker and another vehicle. Plaintiff sustained spinal injuries requiring multi-level facet blocks and ultimately surgeries for thoracic and lumbar decompressions and hemilaminotomies, foraminotomies, and facetectomies.
  • Plaintiff pedestrian crossing street in an unmarked crosswalk was struck by a truck driver who was using cell phone GPS to locate job site. Defendant was driving on the wrong side of the road when he hit Plaintiff. Plaintiff sustained fractures to scapulae, left leg, and rib, torn ACL, and MCL. Plaintiff had knee surgery and low back fusion. Defendant alleges Plaintiff jaywalking and was his fault per police report. Defendant also alleges that surgeries were not related to this incident but rather degenerative changes.
  • Plaintiffs, Mom, Dad and daughter were variously involved in 4 separate auto accidents over a one year period. All accidents were admitted liability and only concerned the injuries and damages. Issues of pre-existing injuries and apportionment issues needed to be resolved. Mother had hip replacement, neck surgery and recommendation for lumbar surgery; Dad had ESIs and recommendation for surgery; daughter sustained psych injury due to her pre-existing anxiety disorder and the PTSD caused by violent accident. Defendants claimed that injuries were either pre-existing or not caused by its accident, but rather one of the others.
  • Uninsured Motorist case - Plaintiff driver, stopped at an intersection waiting for the light to turn green, is rear-ended by at fault party pushing Plaintiff into car in front. At fault party flees the scene. Plaintiff alleges cervical injuries requiring artificial disc replacement and lumbar treatment.
  • Plaintiff cyclist, westbound riding the wrong way down a one-way street hits the front of a car driving southbound on another one-way street, causing Plaintiff to injure their neck, requiring cervical fusion. Defendant claims the accident was the fault of Plaintiff.
  • Plaintiff, a passenger in a pick-up truck, rear-ends car in front on the highway. Pick-up is then rear-ended by semi-tractor/trailer pulling trailers, knocking pick-up off the highway onto the shoulder. P alleges neck and back injuries, ACDF, injections, second ACDF recommended, and psych damages. D semi alleges fault on first accident and injuries all preexisting.
  • Plaintiff, a female passenger in her mid-thirties, was in a rideshare vehicle that was broadsided by at-fault party. Plaintiff sustained multiple facial lacerations, requiring surgery to remove glass shards and suture deep wounds, leaving permanent scars on cheek, lip, chin, and jaw.
  • The plaintiff, a passenger in a car, was rear-ended on the freeway at low speed and moderate damage to vehicles. Plaintiff alleged nerve damage causing her to be permanently hoarse. The defense denied causation and challenged whether Plaintiff was injured at all as she did not see a medical provider for 3 weeks.
  • The plaintiff, a cyclist, was hit by the defendant, a motorist, at night. The plaintiff was riding the bike without a headlight or reflective clothing.
  • The plaintiff was a passenger in the last vehicle of a 4 vehicle rear-end collision. A complex case with causation issues and multiple collisions with questions of speed and visibility arising.
  • The plaintiffs are a father and minor son injured in a collision with a rideshare driver. Father claimed shoulder injury requiring surgery; son claimed minor TBI with loss of hearing and tinnitus. The defendant alleged no mechanism of injury to cause either plaintiff's claimed damages.
  • The defendant driver made a left turn in front of the plaintiff, causing a collision and injuring the plaintiff who had a cervical fusion as a result of the accident. The plaintiff made a blind policy limits demand prelitigation, and a few months later, after the deadline given by the plaintiff, the small policy was tendered. The plaintiff claimed that the policy was open, and the defendant disagreed.
  • The plaintiff, a cyclist, ran into the front left side of the defendant's vehicle as it began a right turn in front of the plaintiff. Both vehicles were traveling at slow speeds. The plaintiff alleged head, neck, hip, and back injuries and underwent 2 separate shoulder surgeries. The defendant admits liability but argues causation and claims shoulder surgeries are due to degenerative changes, not trauma. Loss of earnings and future earnings capacity were also claimed.
  • Allocation of settlement determination between two plaintiffs riding as passengers in at-fault party's car. The car rolled over causing major injuries to one, including a shattered femur requiring extensive hardware placement. The other plaintiff walked away from the accident after an ER visit and a sore shoulder.
  • Case of an auto vs. motorcyclist and issue of who ran a red light. Significant injuries were incurred, including numerous surgeries for orthopedic injuries, internal organ injuries, removal of spleen, kidney, fractured ribs, collapsed lungs, severed arteries. The plaintiff is a young musician, now with a partially paralyzed arm.
  • The plaintiff was jogging across an intersection in the crosswalk while pushing his toddler in a stroller, and cleared the first lane of traffic, and proceeded across the next lane when struck by the defendant's vehicle. Plaintiff claims he had right of way in the crosswalk and caution lights were flashing. Defendant claims that the plaintiff negligently ran through the intersection without first checking if it was clear to do so and there were no caution lights flashing.
  • The plaintiff, a college student, was the rear seat passenger of an automobile struck on the freeway by the defendant who made an unsafe lane change. The plaintiff was recovering from shoulder surgery and had to have hardware removed after this accident. She also sustained an avulsion fracture of the 5th MCP joint requiring surgery after the fracture failed to heal. Defendant alleges subsequent shoulder surgery not related to the accident and that the plaintiff healed well after both surgeries.
  • The plaintiff, a motorcyclist on a rural highway, suddenly encounters a box truck making a left turn in front of him. Plaintiff slams into the rear side of the truck causing head injury, comminuted femur fracture, wrist fracture, and greater trochanter fracture all requiring surgical repair with instrumentation. Defendant alleges that the plaintiff was the cause of the accident due to unreasonable speed, and that plaintiff healed well from his injuries and returned to work. Plaintiff claims that he was unable to return to full employment.
  • The plaintiff, a young construction worker, was rear-ended by a semi-tractor/trailer on the freeway. The plaintiff alleged occipital laceration, TBI, neck, back and knee injuries. The defendant admitted liability but alleged no TBI, the neck healed and the knee was pre-existing having been operated on months prior to the subject incident.
  • The plaintiff alleges that a large ambulance was driving on the wrong side of the street without lights or sirens and collided with the plaintiff while he was making a left turn. Plaintiff claims injuries to his head, shoulder, and back. Defendant alleges all lights and sirens had been activated and Plaintiff failed to move to the right to allow clearance for the emergency vehicle. D disputed the nature and extent of the injuries claiming they were all pre-existing and of a soft-tissue nature.
  • The plaintiff's vehicle was struck by a truck coming around a tight corner on the wrong side of the road. The plaintiff's vehicle rolled several times and came to rest on its roof. The plaintiff sustained head, neck, back, and knee injuries, and a mild traumatic brain injury.
  • The plaintiff motorcyclist t-boned an automobile that cut across the plaintiff's path of travel, causing nasal fracture, concussion, and mTBI.
  • The plaintiffs were walking across the street on a green light when defendant auto driver made a right turn without noticing pedestrians in the crosswalk. One of the plaintiffs was due to give birth in one week and had to be induced for emergent delivery. The baby was born healthy with no issues. The plaintiff also sustained a fractured shoulder, which made nursing and holding the baby difficult.
  • The plaintiff, a motorcyclist who was splitting lanes on the freeway was struck by the defendant as he changed lanes into the plaintiff. The plaintiff claimed orthopedic injuries and mTBI.
  • The plaintiff motorcyclist approached an intersection with a red light. As the light turns green, the plaintiff proceeds into the intersection. Defendant, within the course and scope of employment, attempts to turn left in front of oncoming traffic, including the plaintiff, causing a collision. The plaintiff sustained multiple fractures to shoulders, spine, and foot, mTBI, facial lacerations, and multiple surgeries
  • A cyclist was struck by a ride-share driver making a U-turn. Plaintiff alleged injuries to the head, shoulder, and upper and lower extremities, and had shoulder surgery
  • The plaintiff child was walking to school with her sister when both were struck in the crosswalk by a motorist who failed to see them. The plaintiff sustained soft tissue injuries and a persistent PTSD requiring psychotherapy
  • The driver of a fully loaded tractor/trailer is driving too fast for conditions of the highway, fails to stop and causes a seven vehicle crash. An investigation shows his brakes are in bad shape and his tire treads are poor. The case involves issues of liability of broker vs. carrier.
  • A pedestrian in a crosswalk is struck by a truck, knocking the pedestrian to the ground. The pedestrian claims head, neck, back and shoulder injuries as well as TBI, hearing loss and balance issues. The defendant claims there was no head trauma nor loss of consciousness, therefore no TBI nor any other neurologic injuries.
  • Mediated a case involving a four car chain reaction rear-end collision on the freeway with a variety of injuries with disputed liability as to several involved.

PI Bicycle

  • Plaintiff pedestrian on a residential street comes upon a jogger on the same side of the street during COVID lockdown. Plaintiff moves to create 6 feet of distance from jogger by moving out into traffic lane. As the plaintiff moves, a cyclist crashes into them. Plaintiff sustains intracranial hemorrhage, traumatic brain injury, loss of sight in one eye due to damage to the optic nerve, diminution in hearing, tinnitus, and deep facial scars.

PI Sexual Assault

  • Plaintiff, a pre-school special needs child, rode the school bus every day. One day, the bus driver dropped off all students except for Plaintiff and sexually assaulted her on the bus. He eventually was convicted. Defendants were the contracted company who hired the bus driver and the school district. Defense claimed that a full vetting process occurred, which showed no issues at the time of hiring.
  • Plaintiff, a bank customer, went to get new credit/debit cards that were lost or stolen. Bank Relations Manager offered to waive the associated fee if Plaintiff got the bank app for her phone. She agreed and gave the phone to the employee, who secretly stole nude photos of Plaintiff off her phone and sent them to his phone. Plaintiff alleged bank knew or should have known that this was going on with their entrusted employees. Defendant alleged that they had no knowledge, and they were not vicariously liable for the conduct of employees outside the scope of their duties.

PI Sexual Molestation

  • Allegations by 4 plaintiffs of sexual molestation when minors 15-20 years ago by supervising adult. Defendant denied all allegations. Also claims of negligent supervision by company of supervising adult. Several issues of insurance coverage pertained as well.

Premises Liability

  • Plaintiff was entering a restaurant when a fluorescent bulb fell on her shoulder while a subcontractor was changing the light. No warning cones or other measures taken to cone off the area. Plaintiff sustained a shoulder injury requiring arthroscopic surgery to repair.
  • Plaintiff injured at a gym by another patron causing fractured finger requiring surgery and leaving permanent defect on dominant hand. Issues of signed release/waiver vs. gross negligence.
  • Plaintiff was at a children’s' playschool for a child's party. Plaintiff a grandmother of one of the children, fell during a play game. Claimed soft tissue injuries and back pain.
  • Plaintiff struck on head by ice machine door at fast food restaurant causing traumatic brain injury.
  • Plaintiff fell into a hole in a parking garage sustaining soft tissue injuries to neck, shoulder, hip and back. Plaintiff treated conservatively for 5 months. No residuals.
  • Premises liability matter where tenant used leased premises for purposes outside the scope of the lease agreement. Said improper use resulted in injury to plaintiff, who sustained a compression fracture of the ankle requiring several surgeries to repair.
  • Plaintiff slipped and fell in restroom of a building striking her head causing a closed head injury, neck and back injuries.
  • Five-year-old boy was injured when a 150-pound steel gate which was left unsecured falls on his head causing skull fractures and traumatic brain injuries. Plaintiff left with hemiplegia and facial disfigurement.
  • Employee of big box store drops a box of lights on the plaintiff striking her hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder. Soft tissue injuries, no future damages.
  • Plaintiff fell when sidewalk curb broke away due to tree root erosion. Defendants were the adjacent landowner and the city. Plaintiff tore rotator cuff and knee in the fall requiring surgical intervention.
  • Plaintiff tripped and fell on uneven sidewalk uprooted by tree roots leaving a greater than 1" deviation. Plaintiff lurched forward and broke her fall with both hands, fracturing 5th metacarpal on left hand and fracturing ulna and radius on the right. Right arm surgically repaired with plate. Plaintiff also struck mouth on ground causing a tooth to break requiring an implant.
  • Trip and fall at a public school property due to uneven walkway causing a more than 6" differential in the walkway. Plaintiff was a toddler being carried by a parent when the parent tripped and fell causing the child to strike their head on a concrete walkway leading to a skull fracture and a brain bleed. The school district claimed design immunity.
  • Minor plaintiff was injured while sliding down a water slide at defendant's pool. Plaintiff suffered a partially amputated thumb of non-dominant hand.
  • Plaintiff slipped and fell on some water at a big box store. Plaintiff sustained soft tissue injuries to his neck and back, after having back surgeries in years prior.
  • Plaintiff tripped and fell at a resort due to poor lighting and path demarcation. Plaintiff sustained full thickness hamstring tear rendering him unable to ambulate without assistance.
  • Plaintiff was a tenant of a rent controlled apartment; tripped and fell on a cracked and poorly patched area of walkway causing him to fracture his neck. Defendant disputes the presence of any defect and alleges that Plaintiff was inattentive.
  • Plaintiff was struck by an umbrella on a patio of a restaurant during high winds resulting in back surgery and paresthesias.
  • Virtual mediation on a case where the Plaintiff tripped over a fan in an aisle of a big box store. Plaintiff fell and tore rotator cuff.
  • Virtual mediation involving a plaintiff who slipped and fell down an exterior flight of stairs which are allegedly defective in design in that water constantly pooled at the landing prior at top of the stairs which caused the plaintiff to slip on the edge of the stairs as she went down. Plaintiff sustained a comminuted fracture of the ankle requiring ORIF with screws and plates. Subsequent hardware removal and potential ankle fusion.
  • Plaintiff visited a friend at an apartment complex in a unit on the 3rd floor when he fell out of the window falling more than 30ft. Plaintiff sustained numerous fractures and subsequent nerve damage to multiple extremities. Plaintiff alleged the dangerous condition of the premises. Defendant alleged Plaintiff jumped out of the window intentionally.
  • Plaintiff was at a store when one of the items ignited, fell, and landed on Plaintiff causing her long hair to catch fire and sustained 2nd degree burns on her face, ears and neck.
  • Plaintiff tripped and fell down some stairs that were irregularly marked. Plaintiff hit their head and face, suffered a concussion, black eye, contusions and abrasions, and torn meniscus.
  • Plaintiff went to purchase a chair from a large department store which collapsed when Plaintiff sat in it, fracturing her sacrum and coccyx ultimately requiring a fusion. The chair was recalled by the store and the manufacturer. Plaintiff was a critical care nurse working full time for 17 years and post-operatively can only work part time due to pain and physical limitations.
  • Plaintiff gets almost 200 bed bug bites from the hotel where she stayed. Hotel said no notice of any infestation and no other rooms involved.
  • Plaintiff trapped in elevator after it fell several floors crashing to the ground throwing her to the floor where she lost consciousness and sustained physical and psych injuries rendering her unable to work for 2 years. Defendant alleges, nothing wrong with the elevator other than doors not automatically opening but she was let out within few mins. No evidence of the elevator falling or otherwise malfunctioning. Not possible that Plaintiff sustained any physical injuries but with pre-existing anxiety disorder, she may have increased her anxiety when the doors would not open.
  • Plaintiff alleged fractured foot and sprained ankle after slipping and falling while bowling at the bowling alley. Plaintiff claimed the lighting was insufficient for her to see the foul line which caused her to cross into the lane where oil had been applied. Defendant claimed the lighting was adequate and there were a number of warning signs throughout the bowling alley cautioning bowlers not to cross over the foul line. Defendant alleged primary assumption of the risk and that an MSJ would be filed immediately if the case did not settle.
  • Plaintiff, a real estate agent, was taking photos at a multi-story building, and manager of the building took Plaintiff onto the roof. Plaintiff followed the building manager down a ladder, lost his footing, and fell. He sustained skull, facial, rib, and spinal fractures, liver laceration, pneumothorax, brain injury, and loss of consciousness, requiring long hospitalization and therapy. Defendant alleges comparative fault at best, as Plaintiff was not permitted on the roof and was not paying attention, and although Plaintiff sustained injuries, he made a remarkable recovery.
  • Plaintiff customer at big box store had heavy box dropped on his shoulder by employees stocking shelves. Plaintiff alleges injured shoulder requiring surgery. Defendant alleges no causation and the amount of treatment highly inflated.
  • Plaintiff struck by a temporary wall when supports for it were removed without her knowledge. Plaintiff alleged injuries to her shoulder, neck, and back. Defendant disputed the nature and extent of Plaintiff's injuries.
  • Plaintiff alleges that she was assaulted in the restroom of a restaurant by another patron who had assaulted her a few months before. Plaintiff alleges that the defendant restaurant should have barred the assailant from frequenting the premises.
  • Mediated a case where the plaintiff tripped and fell on an uneven pavement on the sidewalk, fracturing her humerus.
  • The plaintiff, a patron at a sports bar, claimed head and neck injuries arising from a fall from his chair due to crowding of the bar and a dangerous chair. The defendant alleged the plaintiff was intoxicated and fell on his face.

Product Liability

  • The plaintiff, employed by a utility company as a pole climber, was performing a training exercise when his climbing device failed, causing him to fall to the ground. The plaintiff sustained multiple spine fractures and a traumatic brain injury rendering him unemployable at his current position. The defendant denied any failure with its product and claimed it was user error.
  • Plaintiff alleged product defect of pressure cooker distributed and sold by Defendants. Plaintiff sustained 2nd and 3rd degree burns on hands, arms, chest, and stomach. Defendants denied any defect and alleged user error caused the burns.
  • The plaintiff alleges that the home exercise equipment marketed by the defendant was defectively dangerous and failed to provide adequate warnings which caused the product to rupture the globe of one eye rendering him blind in that eye. The defendant denies the product is defective or that the warnings are inadequate and alleges it was the plaintiff's own negligence that caused his injury in that he failed to read the instructions and warnings and misused the product.

Workers Compensation

  • Plaintiff was a construction foreman who was hit by a door weighing one ton when it malfunctioned due to its design and installation. Plaintiff suffered severe injuries including multiple skull fractures, TBI, rib fractures, pelvic fractures, spinal fractures and ankle fractures.

Wrongful Death

  • Auto v Motorcycle case causing death to motorcyclist. Plaintiff is the biological mother of the adopted decedent. Issues as to whether corporate entities were liable due to respondent superior vs. independent contractor.
  • Plaintiff's mother went to the hospital after two fainting spells. Defense determined she needed a temporary pacemaker and attempted a transvenous route through the interior jugular. However, he mistakenly cannulized the carotid artery causing a large hematoma to form and compartment syndrome occurred. Plaintiff's mother subsequently died.
  • Plaintiffs are the husband and adult children of the decedent, a woman in her late 70s who was run over by Defendant's bus in a crosswalk. Admitted liability and issue of damages.
  • Decedent admitted to SNF with dementia and pressure wound on buttocks, Stage I. Within two weeks it was Stage II. Family claims SNF failed to properly treat wound or care for patient. Defendant alleges decedent was at end of life when admitted and all proper procedures and protocols were followed.
  • Plaintiff father of 2 year old boy who drowned in a jacuzzi at another's home sued the homeowners for failing to comply with the Swimming Pool Safety Act in that there were inadequate precautions and safety measures in place. Defendants allege adequate measures were taken and it was the mother's failure to attend to the child for a lengthy period of time that allowed him to enter the spa where he drowned.
  • Plaintiffs are two minor children of the deceased. The deceased was a farmworker who was killed while being transported back in a work vehicle by a coworker to his drop-off point after working in the field all day. The driver was being paid by the company to transport workers. The Van driver blew a tire and he lost control of the van, killing one and injuring several others. Issues of agency pertain, on multiple levels.
  • The decedent, a husband and father, was killed when he fell from a ladder while performing construction work at Defendant's property. The Defendants claimed that they had no liability, as a workers comp payout was the Plaintiffs' exclusive remedy. Plaintiff alleged that the payout did not preclude liability under premises liability.
  • Decedent, a construction worker in his late thirties, was on a job when crushed by a 1.5-ton steel gate that had not been properly secured by others. He left a wife, 2 minor children, and an adult child from a prior relationship.
  • Elder Abuse and Wrongful Death of a nursing home resident that had dementia and schizophrenia. He was found unconscious with severe 2nd-degree burns over much of his body due to heat and sun exposure after being left unattended for approximately three hours. He was taken to the hospital with heatstroke and burns and was then transferred to a rehab facility where he received hospice care until death several weeks later.
  • A private coach driver hired by a musician touring band drove off-road and over a cliff causing one death and other seriously injured passengers. Multiple defendants claiming defense of exclusive remedy of workers comp. Also, issues regarding what insurance is available.
  • The decedent, riding a bicycle down the middle of a 4-lane boulevard while intoxicated, is hit by a transit van from behind, causing the plaintiff's death. The plaintiff claims the driver was inattentive. Defendant alleges that the decedent is comparatively at fault for biking while intoxicated, on the wrong part of the road, and without proper illumination on his bike. The mother of the decedent was the only heir. Issues as to the nature of their relationship in that decedent was allegedly a member of a street gang, homeless, unemployed, with multiple convictions, and history of drug and alcohol abuse.
  • The plaintiff is the brother of the decedent who was riding his bike on the sidewalk against traffic and began to cross the intersection in front of a truck turning right. The truck failed to see the decedent and ran over him and his bike.
  • The plaintiff, the husband of a decedent in her early thirties, sued health care providers for negligently prescribing a statin at the maximum dose for a patient who never took statins, was at the highest risk for developing adverse effects, failed to adequately inform the decedent of the risks, failed to monitor, all which allegedly caused her death within less than 30 days of beginning the drug. The defendant alleges the drug was appropriately prescribed and dosed and no ill effects were communicated to the doctor for a few weeks. Defendant also alleges the reaction was rare and caused by another condition that was not known of until her death.
  • The decedent, a young man in his early twenties with a recent diagnosis of Lupus, is then diagnosed with fungal meningitis due to exposure to bird guana in his apartment that management failed to address, despite numerous requests from the tenants. Decedents family alleged that was the cause of his death, not his lupus. Defense denied both notice and causation.
  • The plaintiff was a motorcyclist proceeding along the highway and the defendant pulled out from a cross street in front of the motorcyclist, killing him instantly.
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